About Suncoast Celiacs

Celiac Sprue Association Chapter 84 CSA Celiac Group of Pinellas County

Suncoast Celiacs, the CSA Celiac Group of Pinellas County (CGPC), is a support group for people with Celiac and related diseases who maintain a gluten-free diet. This group has been meeting for several years. We offer friendship, fellowship, food, and fun. We provide information on food products, local gluten-free resources, restaurants, and other “local knowledge” that helps us cope with our gluten-free dietary restrictions.

CGPC is a chapter of The Celiac Sprue Association-USA (CSA). CSA is a national organization dedicated to support, education and the increased awareness of Celiac Disease.

Our meeting format is:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Information Updates
  3. Old / New Business
  4. Open Forum
  5. Social Time

What makes our meetings informative and useful are the contributions of members.

Everyone is invited to bring suggestions, ideas, and articles to share at each meeting. The open forum part of our meeting stimulates great ideas, comments, and contributions.

Feel free to bring your favorite or recently discovered gluten-free snack, covered dish, or any other goodie to our meetings to share with others during social time. Please remember to bring along the recipe and list of ingredients.

Complimentary beverages (coffee, tea, and water) are available at The Mease Cafe on the first floor when wearing your name tag.